Haas F1 Team Hiring and Schedule Update

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Since acquiring the former Marussia factory, Haas F1 Team principal Guenther Steiner has been busy putting together the first American Formula 1 team to race in 30 years.

The team’s United States home in Kannapolis, North Carolina, will be the American base of operations as Banbury, Oxfordshire, U.K. will serve as Haas F1 Team’s European base, streamlining logistics for access to overseas suppliers and Formula One venues in Europe.  According to a recent press release, the team’s equipment, including transporter, garage and pit setup are under construction, and will be housed at Haas F1 Team’s UK facility.

Originally announced in November last year, veteran motorsports engineer Matt Borland was named vice president of technology for Haas F1 Team in addition to his role at Stewart-Haas racing.  Borland currently serves as a liaison between the two organizations:  Haas F1 Team in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship and Stewart-Haas Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

On the Formula 1 side, former Jordan team manager and A1GP technical coordinator Dave O’Neill has been appointed as Haas F1 Team manager, with 28 year F1 veteran and former McLaren senior design team leader Rob Taylor as chief designer.  Dallara and Ferrari alum Ben Agathangelou has been appointed as chief aerodynamicist.

The 2016 Haas F1 Team entry has already been designed as a 60 percent scale model for wind tunnel testing.  Team principal Guenther Steiner:

“While there is still a lot of work to do, a lot has already been accomplished for Haas F1 Team to be competitive when we join the F1 grid in 2016… Our technical partnership with Ferrari has allowed us to develop our car and our people at an exceptional pace. The way we’re going about our F1 team is new and different, but it’s working. We’re committed to our plan, we’re committed to F1 and, most importantly, we’re on schedule. This time next year, our cars will have already been tested and we’ll be readying them for Melbourne.”

Haas Automation, Inc., will serve as the team’s primary sponsor.

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10 Years of Formula 1 in San Francisco: 2005-2015



10 years ago today, in a small bar in North Beach, a group of F1 fans got together and started watching Grand Prix racing in San Francisco.  Back then, a full season in 2005 wasn’t the easiest course to map out trying to put together people, bars, lofts and any venue that would host wayward F1 fans to watch the races together, but the first season was a success.  From these humble beginnings, and more than one opinion on how and where to watch the races, the San Francisco Formula 1 has grown and now celebrates it’s second decade bringing together hundreds of F1 fans every season around the Bay Area with an estimated 1,500 members staying in touch with the latest news, events, and gatherings held by the group.

A visit to Tesla Motors, March 17, 2007

A visit to Tesla Motors, March 17, 2007

Having organized events in years past, the group’s been able to enjoy some great experiences together.  We’ve toured Tesla Motors in their early days on the San Francisco peninsula, Canepa Design’s museum and shop in Scotts Valley, Vijay Mallya’s car collection in Sausalito, Historics in Monterey, and several USGPs.

A visit to Vijay Mallya's Car Collection

A visit to Vijay Mallya’s Car Collection

In addition to events like these we also welcomed SENNA director Asif Kapadia to San Francisco in 2011, where he held a special pre-release screening and held a lengthy Q&A with members and signed movie posters until late into the evening.

With much work behind the scenes, some recognition has come to grassroots F1 communities like ours, and recently the Red Bulletin joined us for the Monaco GP in 2012 and spoke to several members about the American F1 fan experience (p.70):


Facebook and Twitter continue to play a large part of the group’s success and growth, and in the past few years, sister groups have sprouted up across America, following the sport’s continued success and new home base in Austin. If you would like more information on how to get a local F1 community started in your area or how to find a local F1 group, tweet us here at F1 in America (@F1US) for more on F1 groups and events.

We look forward to bringing more experiences to our members in the future as we get ready to celebrate our 200th Grand Prix later this season, and thank F1 fans everywhere for making the San Francisco Formula 1 Group what it’s become today across the Bay Area.

-Peter Habicht (@habicht)

The San Francisco Formula 1 Group
F1 in America

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Thoughts for Young Drivers from Mario Andretti

In a follow up conversation with Mario Andretti this weekend about Americans driving in F1, the arrival of Haas F1 Team, based in Kannapolis, North Carolina brought to mind a new interest in the sport from young driving talent here in America.

Mario’s reaction was great to hear, and he has some advice for younger drivers getting their start along a racing career.

[Haas F1 Team] is going to spark a lot of interest, and quite honestly I know that theres some young talent in America that will probably see [F1 as] a potential vehicle to be noticed and be potentially evaluated . . . its a positive for sure that we have the prospect of an American F1 team, so lets see how it plays out, but it can only be good.

When asked about advice to share with a potential pool of American drivers to build their racing resume, Mario had some wise advice for young racers with a goal to race professionally:

Just do your thing. theres no formula that if you follow this, this, and that you’re gonna be there.  You’ve just gotta find your way, based on wherever you are, whatever your possibilities are… you’re going to have to be creative, find maybe somebody that will back you up. 

You know its never easy, its always going to be a road filled with a lot of potential stumbles here and there.  Let your desire, let your passion drive you and you’ll find a way.  I wish I had the formula, I would bottle it and sell it – I don’t have it.

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