Welcome to F1 in America

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Welcome to F1 in America

I’ve been connecting and engaging US-based Formula 1 and open wheel racing fans both in-person and online  for the past 5 years, and have become  more convinced that not only are F1 fans unique as a group, but they are also very loyal to their sport.

F1’s recent past history in the US has faced several different challenges, and today the ability to create a dialog with fans presents new strategies and opportunities in markets where sports and entertainment strive to create the best experience in a competitive marketplace.

This blog began as part of the many conversations I’ve had on Twitter at @F1US and on Facebook at F1 in America.  It’s starting out life as a meeting place for people and ideas, and aims to include the growing US-based F1 community’s thoughts and views on how the sport’s doing stateside as well as ideas on ways how F1 can move forward in this country.  All sides and points of view are welcome, from bloggers and fans to professionals in sports and marketing, and I look forward to sharing and reading your thoughts in the future.

Peter Habicht

San Francisco, California

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