Senna documentary will help bring F1 to Americans


Senna, Suzuka 1990

The Cahier Archive

A new documentary on the life and character of Ayrton Senna, who would have turned 50 this year,  has been filmed with the blessings of FOM and his family, and given an enthusiastic thumbs up after a preview by F1 insiders Martin Brundle and James Allen.

A release date has not been set in the United States, but new film and perspective on the life and times of the man and his legacy will no doubt generate some buzz and awareness of the sport in America.  During his lifetime, Senna raced in both the Detroit and Phoenix GP in front of grandstands filled with fellow countrymen and women, and traditionally, Brazilian drivers have brought many of their fans to the races in the US  to watch them compete.

I’ve witnessed the passion of the Brazilian racing audience firsthand, and having organized nearly 100 F1 viewing parties in the San Francisco Bay Area I can say a fair number of our regulars who join us have family from Brazil and are passionate about the national hero known to be on par with Pele.

As news of the new film breaks, watch for more on his life from the people who knew him personally and professionally as both a fierce competitor and humanitarian.

My friend Paul-Henri Cahier has today just released unpublished photographs of Senna from The Cahier Archive – enjoy and watch for more on the new documentary due out soon.

Ayrton Senna Film Page on Facebook

Director Asif Kapadia @asifkapadia on Twitter

Producer Manish Pandey @mpandey69 on Twitter

Untitled Senna Documentary on IMdB

The Cahier Archive on Facebook

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  1. Just amazing!, incredible documentary of a humble, brilliant men.

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