Austin Grand Prix circuit layout revealed

Formula 1 United States Grand Prix track layout

The future of Formula 1 in the United States has a new face – and makes more than a few references to the current F1 calendar.

Unveiled today to the American-Statesman (@StatesmanF1), the new Grand Prix layout will include:

  • 20 turns
  • 3.4 mile (5.47 km) race lap distance
  • 133′ (40.5 m) maximum elevation change
  • a back straightaway of 3/4 mi (1.2 km)
  • fan capacity of 130,000 to 140,000 fans

At first glance, Hockenheim comes to mind with a distinctive barbed kink at one end, with a slower complex and rapid succession of corners in and out of the turn – while this map is lacking in some detail, things look promising as nods to following circuits have been mentioned:

  • driver favorite turn 8 at Istanbul
  • Maggots/Becketts at Silverstone
  • Hockenheim’s hairpin

Track visibility for the fans is a common problem at road courses, and de rigueur for a city street course, so it will be interesting to see how designer Hermann Tilke will incorporate the circuit’s elevation changes and layout to give fans a line of sight onto the course.

A date for groundbreaking has not yet been set, but a 2012 inaugural race has the current speculation putting the flag drop on the first Grand Prix at the circuit within a week or two of the Canadian Grand Prix, usually held in mid summer.


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8 Responses to Austin Grand Prix circuit layout revealed

  1. Join the group “Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas” on the network. Ground Zero site updates and 2012 USGP discussion.

  2. myles turner

    As a Dallas resident I am super excited about the new track coming to Austin, the track looks awesome… one question, there does not seem to be enough runoff for say a motorcycle race. I hope you are planning this venue with the intent of bringing Moto GP & World Superbike racing to Texas in addition to F1. Why not go for the double dip and satisfy every racers needs (cars and bikes)?

  3. We in the motorcycle racing community would hope that attention is given to FIM homologation for your new track.
    It would be a missed opportunity for this course to be built without consideration of racing motorcycles at the track.
    Traditionally, motorcycle use of a road course presents much higher profit margins for the track than cars- just ask the good folks at NJMP.


  4. dg

    ok i’m happy having an F1 track in the US, but this is Texas, it should have been in the shape of the state somehow.
    remember if it ain’t from Texas, it don’t matter

  5. Dominic

    would like to see it more usable by motorcycles for MotoGP and WSBK

  6. Walter Scarborough

    Track layout looks great. I’m hopeful your enterprise will exploit the popularity of Ben Spies to the fullest. My credit card is standing ready for the first Motogp race package offering. Thank You.

  7. Greg

    Nice track.
    Maybe a bit of criticism from a motorcycle/car enthusiast though. Consider making the track more motorcycle friendly, more run off space, less Armco, and you could be lining this track up for a MotoGP and or World Superbike event each year. Just some food for thought. Could bring in more money, and increase your options. Glad to hear that F1 is coming stateside once again.

    • I think all your MotoGP expectations will be realized as on of the principal players in the project is Kevin Schwantz. It’s my understanding that the circuit will accomodate a plethora of racing series including MotoGP.
      “Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas” on Facebook and

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