‘Senna’ Wins at Sundance 2011

The documentary ‘Senna’ has won the 2011 World Cinema Documentary Audience Award at the Sundance Festival.  ‘Senna’ took the Audience Award with 11 other films in competition, and tells the story of the late Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna, through archival footage of his life on and off the racetrack.

The final showing at Sundance was today, and many critics including The Los Angeles Times and Hollywood Reporter have been full of praise.  In two previous releases in Japan and Brazil, both fans and newcomers to Senna and Formula 1 have found the film to be brilliant, a fitting tribute to the man so many admire on both sides of the pitwall.

Congratulations to Kapadia and the entire team on their work – news of the film’s official release will follow when available.

If you’d like to see the film in your area – please comment!

LA Weekly:  Sundance 2011: Tears and thrills from the Formula One track in ‘Senna’

The Hollywood Reporter:  SUNDANCE REVIEW: Brazilian Formula 1 Driver Is Remembered in Outstanding ‘Senna’

The Hollywood Reporter:  SUNDANCE: 2011 Festival Award Winners


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45 Responses to ‘Senna’ Wins at Sundance 2011

  1. Devian

    I desperately want to both see and own this film!

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  3. stratdm

    Please give this documentary a US release! I would love to purchase this on blu-ray in addition to viewing it in a theatre.

  4. Eurotrash

    For the love of God, please release this movie in the US.

  5. Liffer

    Huge Senna fan from central Canada – have never gotten over his death and will beg, borrow, or steal in order to see this film.

  6. Jay Gopal

    I’ve heard enough about how great the movie is. Please put it on a theatrical release …the wait is excruciating.

  7. Parnelli98

    It would be great if it could make it to the Phoenix, AZ area! At the very least, a DVD/BluRay release please!

  8. I’ve already begged them to consider the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. Fingers crossed! But really, anywhere in NYC would be fine with me. 😉

  9. Congratulations Asif and everyone!

    I just wanted to be the first to say that Austin, Texas wants very much to see Senna!!!

    However, I know I won’t be the last.

  10. Lisa

    Please show in the NYC area!!!!

  11. Mark Stephens

    This movie has to be here in the states!

  12. Matt Hahn

    U.S. release pa-leazeeee! I want to own and will definately go to see at any big screen in Denver. Can’t wait! Thank you.

  13. Noddy93

    Austin, Austin, Austin

    if not, i’ll travel.

  14. GSaavedra

    I would love to see Senna in the US, particularly in San Francisco!

  15. Please bring it to Milwaukee, or somewhere in Southern Wisconsin. Yes, I know, believe it or not, there are a lot of fans here! Thanks!

  16. Dan

    I stopped by the Sundance theater in Madison, Wisconsin tonight to ask if the film would be coming here, the people at the ticket office didn’t know. They said they have a mail list that they use to announce events and if it were coming to Madison it would be announced there. Sign up at Sundancecinemas dot com.

  17. Tracy

    Couldn’t get in to see it at Sundance, would love to see it in Jacksonville Florida.

  18. nooz

    Please, for all that’s Holy, release it in the US. Would love to see it in Chicago.

  19. vvvgoose

    I Want it in St. louis!

  20. Gabriel

    Damn Miami Film Festival for not showing this movie!!!!
    I will be the 1st in line at the cinema if it’s ever shown within a 500 mile radius, and I will buy the 1st AND 2nd DVD copies at the store whenever it’s released (just in case something happens to one of them!).

    All these punks that think of Schumacher and Hamilton as the best drivers, when they watch this movie, they’ll see who was, and still is, the greatest race car driver the world has ever seen. In the world of motor racing there is a time before Senna, during Senna, and after Senna. And to top it all off, he was such a compassionate and sensitive human being too…

    There will never be anybody even close to Ayrton!

  21. b

    Show it in AUSTIN, TX

  22. Paul Smale

    We would love to see this film in Toronto, Ontario. We Canadians love our Formula 1.

  23. Justin

    Austin, TX please! Watched your whole episode of The Flying Lap. Film looks great and I’m super excited about it!

  24. Alex

    Hey guys,
    The best thing that you can do is to write to Universal Studios to tell them you want the film shown far and wide here in North America. It worked in getting Grand Prix to DVD, it can work here. To be honest I think there is an even bigger audience for this too.


    Join me and get to mailing!


  25. Dave

    Another vote for Austin. Please!

  26. big

    I want to see this movie in the USA. Senna was a true Champion, on and off the racetrack …his passion, dedication, and perseverance are what made him the best!

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  28. Marc C

    My request is for a screening in San Diego. And now, hopefully, the Sundance award will make it happen for San Diego and all of North America.

  29. 2/15 UPDATE: Director Asif Kapadia today hinted at a special screening of ‘Senna’ in Manhattan, and Los Angeles and instructed his tweeps to look for news of the release in the Village Voice from 2/18 – 2/24 – stay tuned for more from Asif @asifkapadia.

    Here are the two movie listings for both cities:

    #NYC: http://bit.ly/fbCreG (East Village) and #LA: http://bit.ly/eopJhB (Encino)

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  32. Larry Ostang

    There are many F1 fans in the Michigan – Ohio – Indiana region of the USA that are hoping a screen of the Senna documentary will be making it to this part of the country. Please provide any news on what cities the film will be making a midwest debut at.

  33. Tim

    Yes, bring it to San Francisco.

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  35. Richard

    I would like to see the film in Miami, please.

  36. Marcos de Paula

    We have a major F-1 community here in Charlotte NC who are dying to see this film, please release it here. We are huge fans of Ayrton Senna

  37. Sheryl Hunt

    I would love for it to show here in Denver.

  38. Tom

    To say nothing of what it means for Senna’s American fans to see this movie, F1 needs this movie released in the US if it hopes to regain a foothold with American racing fans.

  39. Wendy

    Please bring this movie to Jacksonville, Florida!!!!

  40. Nate Couto

    Bring this movie to Toronto, Canada!

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  42. charlie

    AMAZING!!!! What a respectful great portrait of a superhuman driver and the best time in F1!!! Grand Prix returns to the US in 2012!! This movie must be promoted in the US, great man in all ways! SENNA 4Ever

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