Theaters Showing ‘SENNA’ in America

Where to watch SENNA in US theaters near you – here’s a map with opening dates and theaters:

Your town not listed below?  Leave a comment about where you’d like to see it shown next.

Opening dates:

Green: Now Playing, Yellow: Opens 10/14, Blue: Coming Soon

View North American theaters showing SENNA in a larger map, click here for Alaska theater map locations.

7/18 UPDATE:  It was announced today on the SENNA movie Facebook page that moviegoers at opening nights across the US were eligible for free movie posters from Facebook event organizers.  Events there have been showing up as news has been traveling about this offer, and links to known Facebook events for the opening weekend have been included here in the map.

Also, movie dates and cites have been announced on the official @SENNAmovie twitter account slightly differently from  from the official Facebook page, with fewer official listings appearing on Facebook than had originally appeared on a series of tweets last week.

7/25 UPDATE: Special screenings have been added with pins in purple, and currently include non-profit fundraisers.  Hashtags have been added to theater locations for relevant city/metropolitan areas.

8/9 UPDATE: The Official SENNA website goes live – and the map from this post above was popular enough it’s featured on their page.  They’ve been very supportive of the F1 community, and look for more good surprises from the team at electric artists.  New cities and events added include:  Phoenix, Kansas City, plus a contest in Washington DC.   Special screenings with director Asif Kapadia in San Francisco (8/18), LA (8/12, 8/13 at 7:20 and 10:05), NYC special car event on Saturday (8/13) with John Bisignano and producer Manish Pandey.

10/18 UPDATE: Over 360,000 hits on the Google map for Theaters Showing SENNA!  The map has now been updated and simplified to show now playing, next upcoming date as well as future theater openings. Huge congratulations to the film and team at BOND Strategy and Influence (formerly Electric Artists). Check out Mashable’s upcoming 2011 Awards and vote in SENNA for ‘Best Social Movie Campaign’.

Follow the official SENNA movie Facebook page and twitter account for more updates.


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87 Responses to Theaters Showing ‘SENNA’ in America

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  2. Toomanx

    I don’t think the distributors realize just how much rabid interest there is for this film. We are legion and we will come. Specifically, Kansas City. I want multiple viewings on the big sceen before I buy the DVD.
    Senna may not be my #1 F1 hero but he is an important part of motor racing history and this film has the potential to broaden the F1 fan base for Austin.

    • Peter

      Can not believe that there is nothing coming here in Kansas City. Hopefully this will change. I will buy a Blue-ray version anyways but I dream about watching in on the big screen.

  3. Eje G

    Great… missing all of the midwest… Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma so no showing in any of my surrounding states even 🙁 (located in SE KS). But good to see they expanded the release.

  4. Ric Johnson

    Iowa is in the midwest too, and there are quite a few of us who are devoted F1 fans who would really like to see the film, even if we have to drive to Omaha!
    Ric J
    Des Moines Valley Region SCCA

    • The Varsity Theatre located at 1207 25th Street, Des Moines, IA, is currently showing Senna. Show times are at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  5. Ken McKnight

    No venues in Arizona? Senna actually raced through the streets of Phoenix in the early 1990’s. Please arrange a showing in the Valley of the Sun.

  6. Ken Paul Chernock

    We would love to have this film show in Phoenix and/or Tucson!! In a land where horses reign, horsepower reigns supreme!!!

  7. Keith

    Finding out Senna will be showing in Knoxville and Nashville each of which are about 100 miles from me made my day, and showing on separate weeks made it even better.

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  9. Blue

    need it in Alabama SOMEWHERE!!!!

    Don’t make me drive to Atlanta or Nashville, please!

  10. Phil

    Bring it to Lincoln, Nebraska. That would catch lots of interested folks, and reasonable drive from Omaha, KC, Iowa, etc. — that huge gap between Denver, St. Louis and Minneapolis.

  11. Lou

    Bring it to New Jersey please, I plan on getting the DVD regardless but would really like to see it in a theater.

  12. Andrew

    It would be great to see it in Madison, they have a Sundance Cinemas theatre there but sadly they are not planning to have it as of right now.

  13. michael




    • Reza Ali

      Not sure if you mean Orange County in California or Florida. But assuming you mean California, according to the Facebook page, it will be playing at Edwards Westpark 8 in Irvine on August 19th.

  15. Lenny

    Tallahassee, Florida

  16. Max Dash

    what the hell are the distributors thinking, LOTS of people want this movie

  17. James

    cleveland Ohio please

  18. Hissan

    Chapel Hill/Raleigh area in North Carolina NEEDS THIS MOVIE!!

  19. andrew

    I surrendered to the idea of a limited release months ago.
    I’ll buy the dvd…
    Many copies for all my racing friends as well.

  20. Rob

    Tampa, Florida – Tampa Theater. A perfect place for this movie in the heart of Florida, driving distance from Orlando, Daytona, Ft. Meyers and Gainesville. The largest population center in the Southeast. Tampa Theater always draws attention and crowds for their documentaries.

  21. Steve Doer

    No showing in San Jose, CA? The capital of Silcon Valley where racing and tech meet….. many companies headquartered there have sponsored former and current F1 teams such as AMD, Intel, etc. With many racing fans and with Mazada Raceway Laguna Seca and Infineon Raceway Sears Point nearby, how can one not see this movie in americas 10th largest city with a population of nearly one million?
    Also there is a large Portugese population that would certainly love the oppourtnity to see the film.

  22. Garey Mahoney


  23. Haydon Michaels

    Tampa or Orlando Florida would be another good location given our South American population in this geography. Would love to see it here.

  24. Robert Holt

    Definitely bring this movie to NJ. Lots of racing fans here, a bunch go to the motorsports park in Millville. A big area for slot car racing as well, which is how a whole generation of folks found out about Senna.

  25. Stephen Mellentine

    On Facebook, Harkins Theatres told me directly that they planned a release date of August 26th for one of their Phoenix theatres. I’m guessing Camelview 5, but keep your eyes peeled.

  26. John & Dee Blizzard

    We need to have it shown in Phoenix. We had three grand prix’s
    here so we deserve it! We really would love to see it on the big screen .
    If not Phoenix, I guess we’ll have to drive to L.A.

  27. Heather

    Gainesville FL — or Tampa, or Orlando, or Jacksonville, or anywhere besides just Miami. Florida is a big state, and we love F1 too.

  28. Michael

    Gulf coast please. Very large gap. 8+ hour drive. Pensacola, Mobile Al, Biloxi, Panama City, Destin, etc. etc. Would very much like to see this on the big screen.

    • Bradford

      2nd Pensacola / Gulf Coast I’ll probably have to drive to ORL to see it. It’s in ATL this w/e, but I don’t think I can make it.

  29. Sebastian


  30. ernesto

    Will the Film be shown in Puerto Rico?-Senna had many fans in the Island.


  32. ceraso

    Please encourage the distribution to the cinemark theaters in utah. After all, the film won an award at the sundance film festival in utah last year.

  33. Art Stephens

    I would like to see the film in Long Beach California.
    Thank you,
    Art Stephens

  34. jer

    to my fellow kansas citians: i have email tivoli theatre in westport about showing this film. I’m waiting for a response ; you all should send them an email as well so they realize how many ppl want to see this film

  35. Justin

    Emailing Tivoli cinema in Westport now. Hope we get it. Dying to see this in theaters with some real race fans.

  36. Yamury Germino

    Please come to Tampa florida

  37. David Germino

    Would love to see the film in the Tampa bay area, florida. What can we do to make this happen?

  38. jer

    It’s coming to the Tivoli theater in KC on September 16th!

  39. Anthony

    If you live in Cleveland, you’ve got one heck of drive to see this movie. Bring to Cleveland, Ohio please. I see about one movie a year because they just aren’t worthy of my $$$. After reading about it in AutoWeek I definitely want to see it.

  40. Edward Atkins

    Reno Nevada

  41. Brian

    Anything in Kentucky (Lexington or Louisville) or Cincinnati would be great.
    I saw this man race in 1993 in Germany at my first ever F1 race ever. The day i fell in love with F1. Please make this movie more available to the Fans of F1 and Senna in the US.

  42. Abby

    Asheville NC… PLEASE! I was REALY looking forward to this movie :.(

  43. Bert

    Cedar-Lee Theater in Cleveland Heights!!!!!

  44. Juliana

    Raleigh, NC. Please!

  45. Judy

    Madison, WI. Please!

  46. CJ

    Birmingham, Alabama PLEASE!!!!!!

  47. Paul Haley

    Please bring Senna to Sacramento, CA. There are two theaters here that show indie films and special interest films.

  48. Thomas

    Orlando, Fl … Enzian Theater in Maitland, great venue

  49. Dan

    Another vote for Sacramento from several people. Thanks.

  50. Lance Zabrowski

    Senna in Milwaukee-Thank You!

  51. Wendy

    Please show it in Pittsburgh, PA!!

  52. Dave K

    Send it to Cincinnati, please.

    But to all of you – don’t just post a note here. Deluge your local art theater (if there is one). Here in Cincinnati, that means the Esquire. Let them know there’s a market for it.

  53. billy

    Raleigh,NC would be awesome but id drive a whays to see it.

  54. 66GT40

    there are rumors of additional theaters in Austin, Texas since it was pushed back August 26. Can you confirm and provide the addtional theaters showing Senna please.

  55. Scott Blaze

    Please bring it to the Tower Theater in Sacramento.

  56. Dave

    Montana? Not a snowball’s chance in hell, I’m sure. Maybe Idaho? Our entire region doesn’t have a single showing. I’d drive a reasonable distance. Certainly I’ll buy the DVD, but it would be much better on the big screen.

  57. David

    Please bring it to Columbus OH! I saw Senna race at Detroit in 88 and would love to see the movie.

  58. Xu Jinglu

    We need to have screenings in Columbus, OHIO!! There is a decent Brasilian community here, and great love for motorsports….A perfect combo!

  59. John Triebe

    Tucson, please.

  60. Dale Hedgecoth

    I am old enough to have watched his accident live on TV & for me F1 has never been the same. Please bring this film to Iowa.

  61. Rick

    Sarasota or Tampa PLEASE

  62. Mark

    Please add either Tower or Crest theatres in Sacramento, CA to the list of requested sites in California. Both offer a broad range of indie films and would be the perfect venue for this movie.

  63. Franklin

    Seriously, bring this to Sacramento. Either the Tower or Crest will do.

  64. Try to get it in Downing Film Center in Newburgh, NY

  65. Abbs

    I drove 115 miles to Charlotte, NC to see this. It was worth every mile! It was a truly spectacular movie, one of the best of the year in my opinion. But my family would also like to see it, could you PLEASE bring it to Asheville, NC?

  66. Larry

    Fresno, CA please or anywhere in the central valley.

  67. Caroline Isenogle

    Wilmington, NC, please, a large group of us would love to see this film. Also no info on US DVD version or release; the UK version being released in England 13th October 2011 but does not conform to US players. Anyone have any information on this?! Thanks Caroline

  68. Bee

    Senna at the Bijou Theatre in Eugene, Oregon

  69. Steve Moore

    Bring it BACK to CHICAGO! This is a big city and we can’t always get to the theater when we want to.

  70. Nov. 9, 7:00PM, Empire Theatre, Pen Centre, St. Catharines Ontario, Canada
    Hosted by the Brock University Film Society

  71. RallyGoddess

    I have purchased tickets for me and at least 34 of my motorsport family. We will be taking in the Anchorage, Alaska showing of SENNA at the Bear Tooth TheatrePub, Monday, November 21st! I’ll be surrounded by old racers, road rallyists, autocrossers, crew and more!

    What better than a well-done motorsport movie and seeing it on the big screen with many of your closest motorsport family? Heck, I’d have purchased them all tickets even it were well more than the $3.50 I paid! We’re excited to go…

  72. Rene

    Please bring this to Tampa, Fl. Theres quite a few people that wish they would show it here.

  73. Karla

    Omaha had it for only one day! What is this! We need it again for at least a week!

  74. Orcun Madanoglu

    I watched it in Turkey, hope that you like it. This is an extraordinary documentary about an extraordinary racing driver.

  75. Dennis

    New Orleans……now!

    Please!! 🙂

  76. JL

    Please show this in Myrtle Beach, SC

  77. emil

    Is the Movie still playing in the theaters, possibly in NY/ NJ ? I would like to see it on the big screen.

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