One Response to ‘The Letter’ and The F1 Logo

  1. It is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce ones copyright of intellectual property as the internet grows. Many users believe anything posted in the Internet is free for the taking and can be reused anyway they see fit. Many countries have weak or nonexistent copyright protection laws which make enforcement nearly impossible. I also think F1 is missing out on a lot of moneymaking opportunities by not exploiting digital media to a greater extent. Does Formula 1 sell DVD’s of entire seasons? Not that I know of. Could they offer streaming video of races either live or on a delay/ demand basis? Sure they could. Why not offer a yearly subscription of streamed races for their loyal fans. I would happily pay for that. Although I am sure their television rights packages preclude that from happening right now. Many younger people are shifting away from conventional entertainment pipelines and are seeking out new forms. You would think F1 would want their logo used as much as possible within reason just to ensure easy brand recognition, which is a real problem here in the states. Almost everyone has seen and recognizes the Nascar logo, which seems to be everywhere. It could be just a basic lack of understanding the American market and what is required. Of course the elitist in me likes the limited appeal of Formula 1. Would Formula one be special if it had mass appeal? If I were Formula 1 I would partner with all the fan organizations and allow them use of the logo for a small registration fee and offer support with special offers and discounts for members. It seems as though they want to have an adversarial relationship with their fans. Mystifying. Maybe Bernie is so focused on the money he is missing the bigger picture.

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