A Visit to the Port Imperial Grand Prix Circuit Part 3: An Interactive Guide

This is the third article in a series on a visit to the Port Imperial Circuit from Manhattan’s Grand Central Station, you can follow ‘F1 in America’ on twitter and Facebook for regular updates on this story and more photographs.

Below is an interactive circuit map for the GP of America with photos and locations marked along the circuit length. Links in pop up image windows show full size picture. Circuit is based on the latest released layout featured in Part 1 of this story.

No plugin? Open this document in Google Maps.

Version 1.0


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4 Responses to A Visit to the Port Imperial Grand Prix Circuit Part 3: An Interactive Guide

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  2. With Austin debuting this year and New Jersey next year, this could hark back to the days of the Long Beach/Watkins Glen duo. Let’s hope they’re on the calendar for a LONG time to come!

  3. Drew

    As a resident living in the high rise directly above turn 13, I am impressed with the accuracy of the local info in the article. I don’t follow racing, but am enjoying learning what’s in store for our community. An update:paving began last week down at the hairpin.

    One correction to the map. While the building at T3 may have a couple of stores, it is primarily is a residential building. It is the one residence that I am aware of that is inside the circuit. I hope they are all big racing fans.

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