Red Bull’s American Formula 1 Team

A recent Economist article on Bernie Ecclestone and F1 mentioned Red Bull’s interest the formation of an American F1 team with US drivers – a timely startup for any group willing to develop a team and spend the dollars to do it right with two new races arriving shortly in Austin and New Jersey.

The article covers several other key points about F1’s current state of affairs, but the second sentence in the quote below is absolutely on the mark.  One question for US fans might be that given the team’s origins in an Austrian drinks firm, what would they need to feel the team is a truly American effort?

Red Bull . . . is said to be looking at launching a new “Stars and Stripes” Formula One team with American drivers. Local drivers boost audiences.

F1’s return to the US this November makes for an exciting time for fans here, and news along these lines is certainly an encouraging sign for things to come…


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5 Responses to Red Bull’s American Formula 1 Team

  1. Steve K

    Red Bull with all of its billions can make this actually happen very easily. They just need to do it. My suggestion for drivers: Jonathan Summerton, Nelson Piquet Jr and Alexander Rossi !!!

  2. Bob Keating

    Been down this road before
    I know better than to get hopes up!

  3. All well and good to say use American drivers but do we have any?
    F1 requires special skills not found in US style racing (read NASCAR)

    • Eric

      NASCAR? Why not someone from lawnmower racing?

      Montoya . . maybe, but he left F1. Barrichello? F1 again? Any chance of them with US citzenship?

      If we look anywhere, it would be ALMS, Indycar or Grand-Am.

  4. ProjectVRD

    This would very likely be a feeder team. Red Bull already has one feeder team, Torro Rosso, in F1 and I would expect this would be another. If any promising drivers come through then they could be promoted to the Red Bull Racing team and drive alongside previous Torro Rosso understudies like Sebestian Vettel.

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