Gene Haas: “We’re going to be an American led team”

Chairman Gene Haas and team principal Guenther Steiner took questions today with press on hand to discuss the formation of a their American based Formula 1 team (audio begins at :30):

Taking a no-nonsense approach, Haas and Steiner answered several questions, here’s a quick team rundown:

  • Team location: Kannapolis, NC in addition to a satellite in Europe
  • Team name: Haas Formula
  • Drivers: ┬áNone mentioned, but would likely be an experienced Formula 1 driver, ideally an American driver as well.

Outlining a will to succeed where others have not, Gene Haas’ no-nonsense approach to getting to the track in either 2015 or 2016 cited a key role partnerships would play between the startup phases and establishing Haas Formula on the grid.

With an eye to investing “billions and billions…”, Haas mentioned the waste both he and Steiner have see in the sport currently, and the opportunity to apply an American flair for “design and efficiencies”.

Central to the team’s strategy will be an American base in Kannapolis, North Carolina, with an additional European hub presumably to aid in logistics and liaise with future technical partners based there.

Questions ranged from the business and racing technology strategy to USF1 team’s previous attempt at getting on the grid.

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