Thoughts for Young Drivers from Mario Andretti

In a follow up conversation with Mario Andretti this weekend about Americans driving in F1, the arrival of Haas F1 Team, based in Kannapolis, North Carolina brought to mind a new interest in the sport from young driving talent here in America.

Mario’s reaction was great to hear, and he has some advice for younger drivers getting their start along a racing career.

[Haas F1 Team] is going to spark a lot of interest, and quite honestly I know that theres some young talent in America that will probably see [F1 as] a potential vehicle to be noticed and be potentially evaluated . . . its a positive for sure that we have the prospect of an American F1 team, so lets see how it plays out, but it can only be good.

When asked about advice to share with a potential pool of American drivers to build their racing resume, Mario had some wise advice for young racers with a goal to race professionally:

Just do your thing. theres no formula that if you follow this, this, and that you’re gonna be there.  You’ve just gotta find your way, based on wherever you are, whatever your possibilities are… you’re going to have to be creative, find maybe somebody that will back you up. 

You know its never easy, its always going to be a road filled with a lot of potential stumbles here and there.  Let your desire, let your passion drive you and you’ll find a way.  I wish I had the formula, I would bottle it and sell it – I don’t have it.

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