Peter Habicht

Peter Habicht is a freelance writer and journalist in Formula 1 and has been involved with the sport’s growth in America since 2005.

In addition to authoring this site, he is also the moderator of one of the largest groups of Formula 1 fans in the United States who regularly gather to follow F1 in San Francisco, California.

He has been accredited by the FIA to cover Formula 1 racing since 2013 and has been interviewed for CNBC, The New York Times, SKY Sports F1 and The Red Bulletin.

He has been sought out by private and public investment firms on the growth and future of Formula 1, with a focus on the American Formula 1 Fan perspective and landscape in particular.  His work with the national PR campaign for the film ‘SENNA’ was instrumental in identifying and activating in key markets across the United States.

Peter studied engineering at Stanford University and has worked in the engineering consulting field.

His role in Formula 1 expanded as American interest and relevance grew with the construction of Circuit of The Americas in 2012 with an eye towards the fan experience, later expanding into a credentialed role as a journalist for The Auto Channel in 2013.

He launched the F1 in America website as a means to share and communicate broader issues affecting American involvement in the sport and has interviewed American brands, fans, F1 employees, and teams.

Peter continues his involvement with San Francisco Formula 1 Group’s approximately 2000 members and guests and has organized over 300 events with the Bay Area Formula 1 community, from Grand Prix watch events and film screenings, tours of car manufacturers, private and public racing car museum tours as well as non-profit fundraisers.

He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact him directly here.

3 Responses to Peter Habicht

  1. Hi,

    First, I must applaud your efforts. I live in the new Orleans area and I have zero contact with F1 fans. However, last week in Austin I met a number of f1 fans.I went over to see the site and to meet with an Austinite that had attended the site announcement press conference for my blog. Perhaps I need to try to organize events like yours in my area.

    If you get a chance, take a look at my blog. I have a lot of Austin info on there and you will see how serious I am about the sport.

    My interest began in 1965 with the Lotus win at Indy. I have attended F1 races in 6 countries and hope to see the race in Austin for many years to come. USF1’s failure was a big blow to me, and I too hope to see a US team on the grid. But, it will not be in 2011.

    • Jimmy Ray

      I have to agree with you. I feel like t

      The only fan in the north America. Im up for a New Orleans fan club! I will be in Austin 2012!

  2. Viv Weinkauf

    When the engines start in November, I hope the crowd is deafening. We’ve needed F1 to return to the States for eons and I admit that I have my doubts about our acceptance of it in lieu of (or maybe in addition to…) Nascar and Indy. I was gratified to see over 6k followers for Peter’s blog. That in itself is a good beginning; for everyone who thumbed-up receiving F1 updates, there must be at least ten times that many who will tune in or attend in person. Today was a difficult day for *my* British team but perhaps Lewis will influence the changes he needs to make to have another 2008. Cheers everybody!

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