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Welcome to F1 in America, my blog covering Americans and US-based fans of the sport.

Currently I lead the San Francisco Formula 1 Group, the largest group of American and US-based Formula 1 fans in the United States.  Since 2004, I’ve been a part of bringing fans together in the San Francisco Bay Area for each Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend to view races as a group, and having organized some 100+ events for over 6000 fans, I’m pretty certain that I’ve gotten more people off their couch to watch a televised Grand Prix with a group than any single person in the United States.

From 2005 – 2007 I led over 1,200 community volunteers at the San Jose Grand Prix, a Champ Car World Series event put together on the narrow streets of a downtown major US city.  On behalf of over 100,000 guests per race weekend, I developed, trained, and led volunteers while working directly alongside patrons, race officials, series sponsors, course construction professionals, businesses, and local civil authorities.

More recently, my experiences in motorsport have put me behind US based efforts to bring a Formula 1 team to the 2010 grid.  My introduction in 2008 to US F1 Team principals was met with interest as my engagement with fans, teams, venues, communities, team principals, investors, and media professionals brought increased focus to my experiences in racing event promotion and production.  While the team’s collapse prevented my direct participation with the team’s efforts in these areas, many inside US F1 Team recognized the value of engaging with an American Formula 1 audience.

I have been in contact with new US based groups to bring a team to the 2011 grid, and American interest in this area has not slowed despite US F1 Team’s failure to compete this season.  Other major US markets have been showing renewed interest in F1 by forming grassroots viewing groups, and social media has played a big role in how these fans have not only been able to find and meet each other, but also how drivers, teams, and brands have been able to engage across an entire season with these fans.

With the arrival of the 2012 United States Grand Prix in Austin, TX, a new opportunity exists for fans, teams, technologies, communities and stakeholders to create and share in what will truly be an ‘event of the future’ on a global platform.  A great deal of what I am writing and reading about will be with the aim of creating a vision of what that event is, while bringing motorsport into the next era with it.

Peter Habicht

San Francisco, California

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  1. Hi,

    First, I must applaud your efforts. I live in the new Orleans area and I have zero contact with F1 fans. However, last week in Austin I met a number of f1 fans.I went over to see the site and to meet with an Austinite that had attended the site announcement press conference for my blog. Perhaps I need to try to organize events like yours in my area.

    If you get a chance, take a look at my blog. I have a lot of Austin info on there and you will see how serious I am about the sport.

    My interest began in 1965 with the Lotus win at Indy. I have attended F1 races in 6 countries and hope to see the race in Austin for many years to come. USF1’s failure was a big blow to me, and I too hope to see a US team on the grid. But, it will not be in 2011.

    • Jimmy Ray

      I have to agree with you. I feel like t

      The only fan in the north America. Im up for a New Orleans fan club! I will be in Austin 2012!

  2. Viv Weinkauf

    When the engines start in November, I hope the crowd is deafening. We’ve needed F1 to return to the States for eons and I admit that I have my doubts about our acceptance of it in lieu of (or maybe in addition to…) Nascar and Indy. I was gratified to see over 6k followers for Peter’s blog. That in itself is a good beginning; for everyone who thumbed-up receiving F1 updates, there must be at least ten times that many who will tune in or attend in person. Today was a difficult day for *my* British team but perhaps Lewis will influence the changes he needs to make to have another 2008. Cheers everybody!

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