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  1. Ross Bickers

    Looking forward to US F1. Would like to know if Atlanta, GA, has any F1 groups. Thanks

  2. Violet Ket

    Hi Peter,
    I just discovered your blog – such a blessing! Being from Europe I grew up watching F1 on TV, and I’ve been missing people I can talk to about it since I moved to LA a few years ago. Do you know any organized fan groups in Los Angeles? Or not organized for that matter – maybe I can organize them :). I’d love to pick your brain about how you started in SF? how did you spread the word? do you guys meet in bars? do you watch the live broadcasts at 5am on Speed or recordings?
    For over 3 years here I’ve met about 2 people who are vaguely interested in F1 – maybe I’m in the wrong circles 🙂 I’ve been getting recordings of the BBC broadcasts this season – (the joy of no commercials!), but it’s not as much fun to watch them by myself…
    Feel free to email me, I’d love to stay in touch!

  3. Glenn Williams

    Hello everyone, my wife and I are thinking about moving to North Carolina, BUT, I am a huge F1 fan and I will only go if it possible to watch the races live on tv over there . Is this possible? By the way my wife is a huge soccer fan, can you also watch the premier league? Many thanks.

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