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Thoughts on Bahrain and F1 2011


Been interesting.  You’re reading this thanks to the same technology that has caromed movements responsible for changing political landscapes as well as creating Internet popstars.  F1 lies somewhere inbetween the two.

I wish for everyone who reads this and enjoys Formula 1, or any other form of entertainment as the tempest in a teacup that it is, to unite in an understanding:  Because you’re reading this, you’ve got a better chance at experiencing some form of democracy than most, and for all those not included in this great conversation of ours, paddock passes.

No matter what news and reports tell, we’re all here – so to humanity- peace on Earth, and may all have the opportunity to bring everything they have to our sport, regardless of nationality, borders or politics.


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‘Senna’ Film at 2011 SXSW Film Festival, and This Weekend in NY and LA Theaters

The new film Senna has made a great splash in the United States recently, taking the Audience Award recently at the Sundance Film Festival.  The news has gotten out that newcomers to the sport as well as longtime fans of the three time world champion love the story of Ayrton Senna and his race to the top of his profession.

It was announced today that on the heels of the film’s great reception last month in Park City that it will be featured at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival, held March 11-19 in Austin, TX, which is also home to the 2012 United States Grand Prix.

A film like this has a story and subject so powerful it has captivated F1 fans and non-fans alike, and many across the US are waiting patiently to catch a glimpse of rare and unseen footage of one of the sports’ best.  The film’s wider appeal is a great opportunity for the 2012 race organizers to energize the community with a very human story in a technical sport many love and follow passionately.

Screening at SXSW has been listed here with two dates, March 12th and 17th, so be sure to check out this if you’re in the area.  Also, a limited release of this soon to be classic film has made it out in theaters in New York and Los Angeles for a week’s showing, and will see a wider release in US theaters later this year.

The New York City Formula 1 group has a meetup in the East Village for a showing this Sunday with a pretty large group already RSVP’d, please comment with other groups in your area interested in the film.


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‘Senna’ Wins at Sundance 2011

The documentary ‘Senna’ has won the 2011 World Cinema Documentary Audience Award at the Sundance Festival.  ‘Senna’ took the Audience Award with 11 other films in competition, and tells the story of the late Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna, through archival footage of his life on and off the racetrack.

The final showing at Sundance was today, and many critics including The Los Angeles Times and Hollywood Reporter have been full of praise.  In two previous releases in Japan and Brazil, both fans and newcomers to Senna and Formula 1 have found the film to be brilliant, a fitting tribute to the man so many admire on both sides of the pitwall.

Congratulations to Kapadia and the entire team on their work – news of the film’s official release will follow when available.

If you’d like to see the film in your area – please comment!

LA Weekly:  Sundance 2011: Tears and thrills from the Formula One track in ‘Senna’

The Hollywood Reporter:  SUNDANCE REVIEW: Brazilian Formula 1 Driver Is Remembered in Outstanding ‘Senna’

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