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The 2016 Formula 1 season is underway, and nothing makes an F1 race more enjoyable than watching with a group of fans together for a watch party at a bar or venue.

Across the US, some of the larger groups that regularly gather to watch Formula 1 have formed in San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles and New York, but these are just a few – several more have formed around the United States as more venues become familiar with fans and their sport.  Facebook and Meetup are both good places to start a search, you can also have a look at a Google Map for group information and location.

This Google map below shows several groups currently meeting along with F1 friendly venues for fans in town looking for a screen and a possibly a some other F1 faithful, it’s by no means complete.  If you’d like to add your own F1 watch party to this map, email groups (at) f1us (dot) co.


  • Green: F1 group events (click icon for group links)
  • Yellow: Some F1 friendly venues

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2 Responses to F1 in America Locator

  1. The race will be on the TV’s at T-Bonz in Ellicott City.

  2. Andy from Beaverton

    What I would love is a SkySports F1 locator in America.

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