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Lewis Hamilton on the Today Show

Congratulations to Mercedes AMG F1 team on a great appearance by Lewis Hamilton on the Today Show this morning:

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Lewis appeared before a diverse crowd of fans in Manhattan today with the W05 car and spoke about the rise of the sports popularity in America “… [F1] is definitely building . . . we need to get more people involved”.

Appearances like Lewis’ are certainly a blueprint for showing Americans who and what Formula 1 is about, even if a short segment like this one only shows the enthusiasm of the crowd, it’s well worth the kind of exposure that will only help the sport’s popularity grow in the US.

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McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh on F1 in America and the Sport’s Future

It’s rare to hear team bosses speak out candidly on a range of issues in regards to the need for change in F1, and in this series of ongoing interviews with McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh, SPEED journalist Peter Windsor has recorded multi part videos in which he and Martin talk about topics from the state of Formula 1 to it’s arrival back to the United States in 2012.

As McLaren prepares to launch an automotive brand here in the US, their need for success in this important market is understandable. While not all teams will be leveraging F1 as a platform for their own brand in such a direct way, each faces similar challenges in creating and innovating value for their sponsors and partners who will be paying for the exposure F1 brings here and across the world.

In part 1 of this interview, Whitmarsh expresses his enthusiasm for the race in Austin, and touches on a need for change in the sport in order for it’s continued success in America:

Martin Whitmarsh – part 1

As the global championship is shifting from Europe to new markets, so is the way in which F1 is experienced around the world by its 600 million fans. In this segment, the evolution of the sport’s audience in a new age of technology opportunity highlights the need for FOM and teams to address a new approach to F1’s exposure.

Martin Whitmarsh – part 2

Fans and the ‘F1 show’ are discussed in the first half of this segment, and the need to keep pushing to make the sport more accessible for fans. Purists and new fans to the sport may disagree, but DRS, KERS and Pirelli’s tires have each played a part in adding to the show.

Martin Whitmarsh – part 3

Finally, Whitmarsh reflects on the 2011 season and talks about team changes – included here to round out the series.

Martin Whitmarsh – part 4

Thanks to Peter Windsor for the timely interview, looking forward to seeing how McLaren and the rest of the F1 field continues in 2012.

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An Open Letter to Austin from the San Francisco Formula 1 Group


San Francisco Formula 1 Group

June 28, 2011

The San Francisco Formula 1 Group supports both the city of Austin and Formula 1’s return to the United States there.   We can think of no other event that will impact the community in such a positive and constructive way while creating opportunities for local businesses and organizations in the region.

As one of the largest communities of Formula 1 fans in the United States, we’ve brought more F1 fans to watch Grand Prix racing together than any single event since the last USGP in 2007 – and groups like ours are not alone.  In the past few years, Formula 1 viewing events here and more recently in Austin have been taking place with other sister organizations in New York, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, and several other cities.

In San Francisco we’ve grown to over 1200 members from more than 50 countries where students, professionals, families, retirees, schoolchildren, vacationers and even current Formula 1 team members have all joined us to watch F1 races.  Having led and personally organized over 100 F1 viewing events to date for many thousands of guests, I can say there is no one ‘type’ of Formula 1 fan, but there is always passion and excitement around the experience of a race together with a group.

We share rides and BBQ recipes, eat vegan food, go to class, lead our industry, work in education, green tech, software, nonprofit, and enjoy weekend track days, photography and music – and all have Formula 1 in common.  It’s the power to bring so many diverse interests and people together around the sport that continues to build enthusiasm and energy here and in groups across the country, and there’s no bigger stage than the race itself to attract such a vibrant community.

The local businesses and charities we support through our F1 events are happy to share that the thousands of fans who have joined us over the years and who return each season to watch races with us continue to support them with energy and enthusiasm, and we look forward to bringing that with us to next year’s race.

Peter Habicht

The San Francisco Formula 1 Group

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