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‘Senna’ to be Released August 12 in the US

The film’s director, Asif Kapadia, has announced that the US release date for ‘Senna’ will be August 12, and not July 22, as the New York Times had reported earlier this week.  News broke today as Autoweek reported that Producer’s Distribution Agency will be handling the film here, with an unknown number of theaters showing the film at this point.

John Sloss of PDA has been quoted on the film’s reach Stateside, saying that “Senna is an unexpectedly moving and powerful film that we believe has immense playability far beyond its obvious core audience, and we all feel strongly that this is exactly the type of film will benefit from our unique approach to distribution.”

According to a recent Facebook posting on the Senna Movie page, director Kapadia mentioned that the date has been chosen to feature the film in certain theaters across the US, and you can stay connected with the latest from the movie’s official page.

Update 7/18:  Visit this map for a current listing of US theaters and opening nights.


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