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Circuit of The Americas Takes Volunteer Race Marshal Applications



American automotive racing events depend on the dedicated teams of organized professionals who volunteer their time and expertise each weekend to ensure things run smoothly on and around racing circuits, and this year’s inaugural USGP at Circuit of The Americas should provide opportunities for volunteers in a wide variety of areas, from meeting and greeting the public as they arrive, to more specialized and accredited positions around the track.

This week, Circuit of The Americas posted an application for race marshal volunteers on their website – roles which will play a critical part in the running of the actual races themselves.  Marshal duties are varied and occur before, during and after every event, and while not conspicuous to most fans, on television race marshals are usually recognized waving course flags, pushing cars back on the course after a spin, lifting cars away after one and sometimes cleaning up the racing surface where necessary.

“Sounds great, where do I apply?” you might ask – but this is not an ordinary type of position – credentials and plenty of time and training on and off the track is required.


Marshals at the 2007 USGP (Photo: Paul-Henri Cahier)


Proximity to the course, moving cars, flying debris and the occasional irate driver requires prior experience, and even for those with it there are just a privileged few who will get to work so close to a grand prix.  If you’re interested in learning more, just ask a marshal, or start with your local racing and car club, several have been listed below for more information.

It’s not immediately obvious how the selection process for USGP race marshals will take place, but it’s expected that the most experienced applicants will be chosen from the car clubs represented by the Automobile Competition Committee for the United States (ACCUS), which is America’s National Sporting Authority of the FIA.

ACCUS’ member clubs are Grand-Am, IMSA, USAC, NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA, IndyCar, and there is also an affiliation with the World Karting Association.  A list of detailed contact information for your closest representative club can be found here.

Circuit of The Americas requires the last three years of racing experience be listed on their volunteer race marshal application for the USGP, with what appears to be a start date listed of Tuesday, November 14th – best of luck to all – and share with us if you’ve been a part of one of the several USGP events in the past.


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F1 to Race Circuit of the Americas in 2012

After months of speculation and a series of delays at the facility, sources close to Circuit of the Americas have confirmed that next year’s race in Austin will be confirmed on the 2012 F1 calendar at the December 7th meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in New Delhi.  A November 18th race has not been verified, but construction schedule delays at the circuit make in increasingly difficult for the previously announced date to advance in the season.

Much has been happening behind the scenes the past week with the recent deadline extension for COTA, with new details regarding leadership and sponsorship to be fleshed out in forthcoming statements.  Recent articles from Pitpass and Autoweek have been commenting on the upcoming announcement and new deal between COTA and Bernie Ecclestone, with tougher terms likely having been negotiated by COTA recently.  Tavo Hellmund, who has been the public figure for much of the time at COTA has also been removed from the team’s webpage.

For American fans of Formula 1, the return of the sport in 2012 to Austin will mark the first race on US soil in over half a decade.

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Thanksgiving Day Press Release: Circuit of the Americas Replies to FOM’s Request

From Circuit of The Americas:

Circuit of The Americas™ Ready to Pay Sanctioning Fee and Offering More

Proposal Satisfies 2012 Request, Accelerates Payments for Subsequent Years

AUSTIN, Texas – November 24, 2011 – Circuit of The Americas has responded to Formula One Management’s contract requirements by agreeing to an immediate cash payment of the sanctioning fee for the 2012 United States Grand Prix (USGP). In addition, Circuit of The Americas has offered to establish an advance payment schedule for USGP races beyond 2012.

The offer comes after several weeks of talks, and once accepted, will secure the USGP on the Formula 1 race calendar.

“We have been ready to send Mr. Ecclestone a sanctioning fee check for some time now,” said Bobby Epstein, founding partner of Circuit of The Americas. “He hasn’t received it yet because the new contract presented to us two weeks ago contained unrealistic and unfeasible demands. We have signed and returned a contract similar to what we anticipated receiving. This race should be a reality, but if we are going to make the 2012 race date, we must receive a countersignature in the coming few days. We believe the teams, fans, sponsors and local business share our enthusiasm and hope that their voices will be heard.”

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