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Circuit of the Americas Wins One for American F1 Fans

As reported here yesterday, Circuit of the Americas announced this morning that they will host a race on next year’s F1 calendar. In a photo finish, and after weeks of delays, missed contract deadlines and most recently a complete halt to work on the circuit itself, COTA has forged a new contract in a last minute deal with rights holder Bernie Ecclestone. The first purpose built F1 circuit in the United States brings back the sport to America after a 5 year hiatus.

“Our investors have believed all along that this project has tremendous benefit for our region, and provides a strong economic engine for the future,” stated Bobby Epstein, founding partner of Circuit of The Americas and credited by founder Red McCombs for today’s outcome. “We remain committed to reaching our goal of being valuable community partners as we establish a platform for sports and entertainment. We’re glad that Tavo’s vision of bringing F1 to the people of Texas will become a reality.”

Read COTA’s full statement here

Details of the new deal have not been made public, and construction is set to resume immediately on site.

“We have a substantial number of fans who have expressed interest in buying tickets and hospitality, so today is a win for all of them as much as it is for Circuit of The Americas,” said COTA president Steve Sexton. “We encourage everyone to visit our website and register for information. Registered fans will receive the first communication regarding ticket sales plans. In a matter of weeks we will have more exciting news as we unveil our full calendar of world class events.”

For more on ticketing and informational updates, visit Circuit of the Americas on the web, Facebook and twitter.

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‘Circuit of the Americas’ to Host Formula 1 and MotoGP


The new circuit in Austin has a name: “Circuit of the Americas”, announced today at a media event in Austin.   A fitting choice for the global sports and entertainment venue to host both Formula 1 and MotoGP in the coming years – a first for a US circuit.

Today’s press conference highlighted the thinking that has gone into the new circuit, and the connections the new venue will have with the community as not only a home to racing and entertainment, but also the relevance the facility will have economically, educationally, and globally for Austin.  Cited as “a BIG deal” by partner Red McCombs, the impact the Circuit of the Americas, or COTA, was likened to that of “a superbowl every year, for 10 years”.

It’s estimated that over 10 years, COTA will bring $3 to $5 billion into the area.

It’s also clear that the organizers have gone to enormous lengths to integrate the greater Austin area in operational, travel, leisure, educational and commercial roles as Tavo Hellmund, co-founder, said “we’re building a destination.”  Very true, and something Formula 1 is particularly good at doing.

At the event, a new logo was unveiled, along with a new website for inquiries and ticket, sponsorship and volunteer information.  The circuit’s official twitter page is now @circuitamericas.

Midway through the presentation, Kevin Schwantz and Ben Spies took center stage, where it was announced that MotoGP would be appearing at the new circuit, so two wheeled fans will be pleased to hear the news that the race will appear in 2013.

Tavo took questions today in both English and Spanish, and remarked that the new circuit was a “circuito por todos”, so great to see North and South America as one on the road in Austin.  Corner names haven’t been released, but he hinted at a Texas “tradition for naming things locally”, and Jim Hall, AJ Foyt were among several suggested during my twitter coverage of the event this afternoon.

A question on title sponsorship was brought up by some friends over at AustinGrandPrix.com, in attendance at the event,  but no details were announced.

After the event, media were invited to inspect the construction site, and more news and updates should be coming forth shortly – keep up with the latest on @F1US and on Facebook – meanwhile, who do you think would benefit greatest from a title or presenting partnership with the Circuit of the Americas?  And what would you name the corners in Austin?

What would you name these corners?



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