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10 Years of Formula 1 in San Francisco: 2005-2015



10 years ago today, in a small bar in North Beach, a group of F1 fans got together and started watching Grand Prix racing in San Francisco.  Back then, a full season in 2005 wasn’t the easiest course to map out trying to put together people, bars, lofts and any venue that would host wayward F1 fans to watch the races together, but the first season was a success.  From these humble beginnings, and more than one opinion on how and where to watch the races, the San Francisco Formula 1 has grown and now celebrates it’s second decade bringing together hundreds of F1 fans every season around the Bay Area with an estimated 1,500 members staying in touch with the latest news, events, and gatherings held by the group.

A visit to Tesla Motors, March 17, 2007

A visit to Tesla Motors, March 17, 2007

Having organized events in years past, the group’s been able to enjoy some great experiences together.  We’ve toured Tesla Motors in their early days on the San Francisco peninsula, Canepa Design’s museum and shop in Scotts Valley, Vijay Mallya’s car collection in Sausalito, Historics in Monterey, and several USGPs.

A visit to Vijay Mallya's Car Collection

A visit to Vijay Mallya’s Car Collection

In addition to events like these we also welcomed SENNA director Asif Kapadia to San Francisco in 2011, where he held a special pre-release screening and held a lengthy Q&A with members and signed movie posters until late into the evening.

With much work behind the scenes, some recognition has come to grassroots F1 communities like ours, and recently the Red Bulletin joined us for the Monaco GP in 2012 and spoke to several members about the American F1 fan experience (p.70):


Facebook and Twitter continue to play a large part of the group’s success and growth, and in the past few years, sister groups have sprouted up across America, following the sport’s continued success and new home base in Austin. If you would like more information on how to get a local F1 community started in your area or how to find a local F1 group, tweet us here at F1 in America (@F1US) for more on F1 groups and events.

We look forward to bringing more experiences to our members in the future as we get ready to celebrate our 200th Grand Prix later this season, and thank F1 fans everywhere for making the San Francisco Formula 1 Group what it’s become today across the Bay Area.

-Peter Habicht (@habicht)

The San Francisco Formula 1 Group
F1 in America

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A Wonderful Memoir: “Frankly Frankl: Life, Love, Luck and Automobiles”

Frankly Frankl: Life, Love, Luck & Automobiles


“Frankly Frankl:  Life, Love, Luck and Automobiles”:  176 pages, forward by Sir Jackie Stewart.

Formula 1 today is recognized as a global sport with well guarded stars and paddock, but during the sport’s golden years, the F1 paddock resembled a family picnic, and it was there that a young Hungarian fan, Andrew Frankl, fell in love with Grand Prix racing and followed his passion in automotive journalism.  Along the way, he was able to publish on and participate in F1, and now he has decided to share his memoirs in his recently published book, “Frankly Frankl:  Life, Love, Luck and Automobiles”.

An inspiration and a pleasure to read, “Frankly Frankl” is a delightful retelling of stories and the lessons of a full life lived around automotive journalism and Formula 1.  From the author’s humble beginnings in Hungary fleeing the onset of Communism to his early start at Ford in England, and later as CAR magazine’s co-founder, Frankl found his way into F1 and later America with talent, humility, hard work and determination.  Often behind the scenes in F1 racing, the name Andrew Frankl may not sound familiar, but here’s a recent interview with NBC’s Will Buxton [link], on his role in helping put together the Hungarian GP, now one of the longest-lived races on the F1 calendar:

In addition to those mentioned in the above interview, other memorable moments and photographs from his life in the book include a flight with Graham Hill, inciting a fan revolt on behalf of James Hunt, taking Niki Lauda to meet his 1976 title rival for the first time, interviewing Ayrton Senna, and life on the road with Brock Yates and The Cannonball Run.  

Not just concerned with four wheels and a motor, “Frankly Frankl” is a vibrant account of Andrew’s own roots and life’s journey with several family and personal photographs, making ‘Life, Love, Luck and Automobiles’ a fitting subtitle.

Andrew now lives in Northern California with his lovely wife Suzie, and writes for FORZA magazine and The Auto Channel.  His children Annabelle and Nicholas have taken up the family tradition of following the Grand Prix circus , and  their extremely popular My Yacht parties are featured at various F1 circuits and lifestyle events around the world.

“Frankly Frankl” will have a limited publishing run, but you can contact the author at franklyfrankl.com for more information on reserving a copy.    

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‘Senna’ Release Dates in America


Here’s a new Google map showing US theater locations for SENNA, dates are also listed below.

After winning the Best International Feature Award at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival just recently, SENNA will be opening in the United States at the following cities, according to the official movie Facebook page today, with more announcements to follow:

August 12th: Sunshine in New York City, The Landmark, Los Angeles

August 19th: The Century in Chicago, The Ritz at the Bourse Philadelphia, Kendall Square in Cambridge, Embarcadero in San Francisco, Shattuck in Berkeley, The E Street in Washington DC, The Main Art in Detroit, San Diego, The Sunset 24 in Miami, The Belcourt in Nashville, The Angelika in Dallas, The Violet Crown in Austin

August 26th: The Midtown Arts in Atlanta, The Lagoon in Minneapolis, Denver, The Varsity in Seattle

September 2nd: The Tivoli in St. Louis, The Keystone Arts in Indianapolis

The US trailer is now up on iTunes, and continues to top IMDb’s all-time documentary ratings.


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